Volkswagen paid nearly 700 million euros for Thompson’s work

Photo: Volkswagen factory (via dts news agency)
Photo: Volkswagen factory (via dts news agency)

Wolfsburg (dts news agency) – The Volkswagen Group has spent a lot of money on the work of US monitor Larry Thompson. “We have invested almost 700 million euros in the entire monitor mandate with all its systems and processes,” said VW legal director Hiltrud Werner to the “Handelsblatt” (Tuesday edition). That is money well invested.
Werner spoke of “investing in the future”. “We want to continue to benefit from it in the next few years,” she said. This week, US monitor Larry Thompson finished his work in Wolfsburg after a good three years.

He had been appointed by the US Department of Justice as the controller of the VW group in 2017. Thompson should make sure that the diesel scandal does not repeat itself again. Thompson also said there had been “radical changes” at Volkswagen.

Therefore, he can now leave the company with a clear conscience. “At the time of the diesel manipulation, Volkswagen had an inadequate and bad corporate culture. Back then there was this exaggerated emphasis on hierarchical structures. The employees were afraid of presenting the real situation and the real problems to their superiors,” said Thompson. The outgoing US monitor recommended that Volkswagen continue to maintain a compliance and integrity department on the Group’s Board of Management. “I think it would be an important signal if the compliance task were to continue to be represented on the board,” he said. Other companies such as Deutsche Telekom had closed the department after an internal investigation.