Financial expert: Wirecard investigation must set priorities

Photo: Euro coin (via dts news agency)
Photo: Euro coin (via dts news agency)

Berlin (dts news agency) – The financial expert and board member of the “B├╝rgerbewegung Finanzwende”, Gerhard Schick, welcomed the opposition’s decision to set up a parliamentary committee of inquiry in the Wirecard scandal, but urges people to focus. “If the committee of inquiry into Wirecard is to be successful, then the opposition parties must work extremely well together and set priorities,” said Schick to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Wednesday editions). The financial supervisory authority BaFin needs a personnel and institutional realignment, so the former Green parliamentarian.
“So far, the financial supervisory authority has chosen a cooperative approach. But that is a disaster for white-collar criminals like Jan Marsalek,” said Schick. Consumer protection must be strengthened and an obligation to investigate must be introduced.

Schick named lobbying as the second focus and the role of the secret services as the third focus. In addition, Schick demanded that the liability limits for auditors should be expanded. “Too few conclusions have been drawn from the past financial scandals.”

Now it is a matter of relentlessly coming to terms with the Wirecard scandal and acting. “You can’t lean back after a few weeks as if nothing had happened,” said Schick.