US stock markets inconsistent – Dow gains after Fed policy change

Photo: Wall Street in New York (via dts news agency)
Photo: Wall Street in New York (via dts news agency)

New York (dts news agency) – The US stock exchanges closed inconsistently on Thursday. At the end of trading in New York, the Dow was calculated at 28,492.27 points, an increase of 0.57 percent compared to the previous trading day. A few minutes earlier, the broader S&P 500 was up around 3,485 points (+0.18 percent), while the technology exchange Nasdaq calculated the Nasdaq 100 at around 11,940 points (-0.23 percent).
As expected, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) had previously announced a change in its monetary policy strategy. Fed chairman Jerome Powell said at a central bank conference that the future will primarily focus on the labor market. Accordingly, higher inflation is also accepted.

The central bank is aiming for an average value for its inflation target in the future and no longer a specific inflation rate. The European common currency trended somewhat weaker on Thursday evening. One euro cost 1.1821 US dollars (-0.08 percent).

The price of gold dropped significantly, and in the evening a troy ounce paid $ 1,931.62 (-1.11 percent). That corresponds to a price of 52.54 euros per gram.