NGG union is pushing for an extension of short-time work benefits

Photo: Service in a café (via dts news agency)
Photo: Service in a café (via dts news agency)

Berlin (dts news agency) – In front of the coalition committee, the food-pleasure-restaurants union (NGG) is pushing for an extension of the current short-time work regulation. “There will also be companies in the coming year that will be permanently affected by the corona crisis,” said the NGG federal chairman, Guido Zeitler, to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Tuesday editions). In some companies, especially in the hospitality industry, “preparations were already underway to cut staff in 2021”.
That is why the political signal is important that the duration of the short-time work allowance will be extended to 24 months and that the current increase to 80 or 87 percent will be retained, according to Zeitler. The crisis is “existential”, especially for low-income workers. The CDU Economic Council warned against an extension of the short-time work regulation.

The state payment should “not become a permanent instrument,” said General Secretary Wolfgang Steiger to the Funke newspapers. He added that the short-time work allowance was introduced “to cushion the hard economic dip caused by the lockdown”. In the meantime, however, “the economy has already recovered in many areas”.

Therefore, he thinks “at this point in time an extension of the short-time allowance until 2022 is excessive”. Steiger suggested making a decision at a later point: “Should it become necessary, the federal government can decide to extend the short-time work allowance in spring 2021.”