US punitive tariffs on German jam hardly hit manufacturers

Foto: Marmelade im Supermarkt (über dts Nachrichtenagentur)
Foto: Marmelade im Supermarkt (über dts Nachrichtenagentur)

Bonn (dts news agency) – US President Donald Trump‘s attempt to harm the German jam industry with punitive tariffs is likely to come to nothing. From September 1st, the USA will raise an additional 25 percent on fruit jams from Germany, but this will hardly affect the industry, as “Spiegel” reports in its current issue. Last year only two percent of the jam produced here was exported to the USA.

The Schwartauer Werke generate 80 percent of sales in Germany, reports the magazine. The Aachen-based manufacturer Zentis states that it will not be affected by the punitive tariffs; Zentis does not sell classic jams in the USA. “For companies, the punitive tariffs are not threatening, but very annoying,” said Christoph Freitag, managing director of the Federal Association of the Fruit, Vegetable and Potato Processing Industry (BOGK) to “Spiegel”.

Last year, jam exports to the United States rose by 22 percent. This dynamic growth is also likely to be the reason why the spreads landed on the United States’ criminal tariff list. The cause of the customs dispute is a ruling by the World Trade Organization, according to which years of EU subsidies for the aircraft manufacturer Airbus were illegal.

In return, the US is now levying fines on EU products.