UN ambassador of the USA criticizes Europeans for Iran policy

Photo: United Nations (via dts news agency)
Photo: United Nations (via dts news agency)

Washington (dts news agency) – The United States’ UN ambassador, Kelly Craft, has sharply attacked the Europeans and the German government because they have sought to extend the UN arms embargo against Iran and reinstate all UN sanctions against not support the Islamic Republic. “There is no gray area here,” she told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (weekend edition). “It’s about supporting either international peace and security – or the leading state terrorist supporter,” she said, referring to Iran.
The five permanent members of the UN Security Council had agreed in their support for the arms embargo against Iran for the past 13 years. “The only thing that has really changed is Russia and China’s opposition to this consensus,” she said. She called the behavior of the European allies “very disappointing”.

The US asked for their proposals. “I have been waiting very patiently to receive something in writing. But I have not received anything in writing.”

The matter is so important, however, that the US cannot wait until the arms embargo expires on October 18. “We cannot wait for the world to come up with an opportunity on October 18th for China and Russia to be able to supply weapons and Iran to buy them to pass them on to Tehran-controlled militias and other terrorist groups around the world . ” Craft said to the federal government, “Of all countries in the world, Germany should know best how important it is to protect Israel”.

What she particularly disappointed: Germany had taken the right step against Hezbollah and ostracized it as a terrorist organization. Berlin must draw the conclusions from this. The decision is “useless if Germany turns away and Iran grants access to weapons systems”. One could “either stand up for international peace and security or take the side of a supporter of international terrorism – and thus ultimately become a co-supporter,” she said. She hoped that “all those involved would think again about whether they might have made the wrong decision, whether it was an abstention or a veto”. There is still the possibility for all those involved to “initiate a turnaround in the Security Council and restore the Council’s credibility”. Accusations by European diplomats that the USA is not primarily interested in continuing the arms embargo, but in destroying the nuclear agreement for good, were rejected as “an excuse”. The US would “not allow that even a minute to obscure the clear choice we are facing”.