Speaker: Kremlin critic Navalny must not be transported

Photo: Flag of Russia (via dts news agency)
Photo: Flag of Russia (via dts news agency)

Moscow (dts news agency) – The Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny must not be relocated. The chief doctor had ruled that Navalny was not transportable, said Nawalny’s spokeswoman on Twitter. Navalny’s condition was unstable, it said.
“The decision of relatives to transport is not sufficient.” The transport ban for the Kremlin critic is a “direct threat to his life,” commented his spokeswoman on the process. A stay in an Omsk hospital without equipment and without diagnosis in the current situation is “fatal,” the spokeswoman said.

Navalny’s life now depends on the fact that the chief doctor of the intensive care unit refused to “take responsibility,” she quoted the doctor in charge. At the same time, the doctors have so far declared that they are ready to approve the transport. “That’s why we organized a transport in a very short time,” wrote the spokeswoman.

Now, “at the last moment”, the doctors would not give permission. “This decision was of course not made by them, but by the Kremlin,” said the spokeswoman.