Greens: Doctors should hand over tasks to other health professions

Photo: wheelchairs in hospital (via dts news agency)
Photo: wheelchairs in hospital (via dts news agency)

Berlin (dts news agency) – In view of the increasing shortage of staff in the health care system, the Greens want doctors to hand over part of their tasks to other health professions such as nurses. This should give them more responsibility. The existing division of tasks between doctors and the non-medical health professions is outdated and needs to be reformed, according to a Bundestag motion by the Green parliamentary group, which the newspapers of the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland” report on in their Friday editions.
“The untimely distribution of tasks in our health care system gives the illusion of a medical all-round responsibility that forces other health professions into an assistant role,” the authors write. This reduces the attractiveness of these professions and thus exacerbates the already existing shortage of skilled workers. “Against the background of demographic change, the shortage of skilled workers and changing demands on health care, this traditional distribution of tasks can hardly be maintained”.

According to the Greens, the reorganization is to be regulated in a general law on health professions. In the application, the Greens also demand the establishment of so-called health regions, in which the traditional boundaries between outpatient and inpatient care are effectively removed. Doctors, clinics, therapists and other health professions in these regions should work closely together to improve medical care.

Health insurance companies should receive higher allocations from the health fund if they conclude contracts with such networks for their insured persons. The Green health expert Kirsten Kappert-Gonther told the RND that in the health system, which is rigidly divided into sectors, there are far too often coordination problems between the various service providers. This is at the expense of the patients.

“For them it is not decisive who is paid for a service and how by whom, but whether they are well looked after,” said the Green politician to the RND. “The federal government must finally set effective incentives to enable a start for more networking and deeper cooperation in care,” she demanded. Last but not least, the corona crisis has shown how important coordinated and reliable supply processes are.